3 Common Dangers of Traditional Manhole Covers

Manholes aren’t just the secret entrance to the Ninja Turtles’ lair. Rather, manhole covers provide safety and concealment to sewer systems, utility vaults, valves, and so many other infrastructural municipal elements. Unfortunately, traditional manhole covers are not always safe or simple. In fact, they pose a number of dangers and risks for both the individuals maintaining them, but also cars and those who pass by them in the streets.

Here are three of the most common dangers associated with manhole covers:

Manhole Theft

As discussed in previous blog posts, manhole theft is a serious issue that takes place in the U.S. and beyond. In India, for example, more than 10,000 manhole covers were stolen from the city of Calcutta in one month. These were then replaced with replacement manholes made with concrete covers, which were also stolen.

Manhole Events

Regular Maintenance

Over time, manhole covers are susceptible to damage and because of this, require frequent maintenance. Failure to maintain and repair manhole covers can result in injury and accidents for pedestrians and maintenance workers alike.

Composite Manhole Covers to the Rescue

To combat the dangers and risks of traditional manhole covers, many choose composite manhole covers as replacement manholes. Unlike traditional manhole covers, composite manhole covers have no scrap value; this makes them exempt from the dangers of manhole theft. Composite manhole covers are also durable, able to last more than 30 years with little to no maintenance or repair. Additionally, these manhole covers are extremely lightweight, weighing 65% to 85% less than traditional manhole covers. This eliminates the risk of manhole events. Composite manhole covers are versatile, and are appropriate for drainage networks, water treatment plants, and various other kinds of underground facilities where access to sewage systems is needed.

Frequently asked questions

Is the cover manufactured in the USA?

No. Designed in Texas. Made in China

Does it come with a warranty or any guarantee?

Yes, 5 years. No hassle

Is the cover HS-25 rated?

Yes. Tested and proven

Is the cover kept secure to the frame with a bolt or
locking system?

Yes. 4 X 316 SS Bolts

How does the SuperCoverTM SSO Series reduce sanitary sewer overflows?

It eliminates water going in and stops sewage water from gushing out

Does the unit prevent infiltration & exfiltration?

Yes, by means of gaskets and bolts


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