3 Huge Benefits of Composite Manhole Covers

When searching for the right type of manhole covers to handle the area you’re working in, it may seem overwhelming at first. However, you likely have a few requirements floating through your mind as you search, such as cost, durability, and how they’ll work in practice with the area they’re being placed in. Composite manhole covers can help you with all of these things, and they need much less maintenance than other types. Read on for a few reasons to invest in these covers for manholes.

Less Theft

Theft of manhole covers happens more often than the general public may realize. However, one of the biggest advantages of composite covers is that they have no scrap value, which helps eliminate theft. With this fact, plus the fact that this cover type lasts over 30 years, investing is a no brainer. This is especially evident when comparing them to cast iron covers, since those need a lot of upkeep and have significant scrap value.


These covers, as mentioned above, are incredibly durable. No matter what weather or loading they face, they will get you through about 30 years, with very minimal upkeep. This saves you a ton of money over time, which allows you to focus on other projects that need attention.

Excellent Weight Loading

Composite covers are available with many versions, some of which are traffic rated. These fully traffic rated covers are able to offer 30% more weight loading than what the current U.S. Department of Transportation requires for weight limits. This allows them to handle massive weight load in a way that not many other cover types can boast.

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Frequently asked questions

Is the cover manufactured in the USA?

No. Designed in Texas. Made in China

Does it come with a warranty or any guarantee?

Yes, 5 years. No hassle

Is the cover HS-25 rated?

Yes. Tested and proven

Is the cover kept secure to the frame with a bolt or
locking system?

Yes. 4 X 316 SS Bolts

How does the SuperCoverTM SSO Series reduce sanitary sewer overflows?

It eliminates water going in and stops sewage water from gushing out

Does the unit prevent infiltration & exfiltration?

Yes, by means of gaskets and bolts


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