3 Reasons to Invest in Composite Manholes

When you begin to look into replacement manholes and covers, you will notice that you have a range of choices, each with their pros and cons. Of course, depending on where the manhole covers will be, the best choice may change. However, composite manholes and covers tend to have more benefits for a wider range of applications than other types. Read on for a few reasons you should consider investing in these manhole covers!


A quality composite cover can last for more than 30 years, whereas a cast iron cover would need several instances of maintenance or replacement cost over that same 30 year period. These covers are some of the most durable types you will find in your search, and are ideal for those working in high traffic areas or areas with a lot of weight transferring over the covers.

Easy Maintenance

The biggest thing you need to think about when you make an investment in a product is how much it will add to your budget in maintenance over its lifetime. It’s no use investing in something if you’ll need to invest more time and money in maintaining it than the original investment. Composite covers provide easy, low maintenance options.


Manhole cover theft is a serious issue around the world, and many types of covers have a high scrap value, making them the perfect cover to steal. Composite covers, on the other hand, are known for having no scrap value whatsoever, which eliminates the appeal of theft. These covers are also safer for workers, since they are a high quality, durable material. You can count on them throughout the years. These covers also come in traffic rated versions which can handle 30% more weight loading than what the U.S. Department of Transportation and highways require.

Are you looking into replacement manholes and covers? Will you be looking for any of these qualities? Which are the most important?

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