An Innovative Solution for Composite Manhole Cover

Though there are a small minority of people who ever get to explore the underworld of today’s sewers, most people are blissfully unaware of what lurks just beneath the surfaces of our cities. And this has a lot to do with sewer systems being hidden away from the view of the public by manhole covers. Weighing in at up to 200 lbs, these age-old tools are often taken by thieves and sold for their scrap value. In fact, within just two months’ time period, the city of India and Calcutta had well over 10,000 manhole cover thefts. Cities often replace these items only to have them stolen again.

Another way in which these types of covers present a problem is by way of safety concerns. Manholes can often spontaneously explode. This usually leads to destruction of property, injuries and, in some cases, death.

An Innovative Solution

So how can cities ensure the citizens’ safety while simultaneously fending off random thefts? Luckily, technology has provided the answers. Thanks to the invention of the composite manhole cover, manholes can now be covered in a way that allows for both durability and sustainability.

Unique Design

What’s most interesting about these types of covers are their one of kind design. They are made of composite material and have absolutely no scrap value. This makes them worthless to would-be thieves. Another great thing is how lightweight they are–weighing around 85% less than their traditional predecessor. This greatly reduces possibilities of injury and property damage. Perhaps most convenient of all, composite manholes can last up to 30 years longer due to their durability, which means they require less maintenance. This is a far cry from cast iron manholes which typically need constant, costly repairs over this time period.

If progress is to be made, then there must be change and innovation. It is this very type of innovation that helps the world evolve into a better place.

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Frequently asked questions

Is the cover manufactured in the USA?

No. Designed in Texas. Made in China

Does it come with a warranty or any guarantee?

Yes, 5 years. No hassle

Is the cover HS-25 rated?

Yes. Tested and proven

Is the cover kept secure to the frame with a bolt or
locking system?

Yes. 4 X 316 SS Bolts

How does the SuperCoverTM SSO Series reduce sanitary sewer overflows?

It eliminates water going in and stops sewage water from gushing out

Does the unit prevent infiltration & exfiltration?

Yes, by means of gaskets and bolts


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