Composite Manhole Covers: Easy to Lift and Highly Affordable

For many decades, cities and local governments have relied on heavy cast iron manhole covers. These covers are thick and often weigh more than 200 pounds each. To remove them in order to do repairs, it often takes more than one employee. This is very time-consuming and lifting them can even be dangerous if they are not handled properly. Luckily, now there is a more practical option that cities and organizations around the country are learning about. Composite manhole covers are being used to replace traditional cast iron covers for many reasons. Today we will dive a little deeper into why you should be using them as well.

Five Reasons You Should Be Using Composite Covers

1. Composite manhole covers can be lifted by hand: Because they are so light-weight composite covers can be lifted by just one person without the need for extra tools. This saves time and they help prevent injury which is a serious issue for all that is involved.

2. They are water-tight: Composite manhole covers help keep storm water from getting in. By preventing water from getting inside of the manhole access, you will save time by not having to pump them out before you begin repairs.

3. Reduction of foul odors: We all know that sewer systems contain foul odors that sometimes seep out of cast iron manhole covers. These foul smells can cause issues for those who live and work around the area. In fact, many cities see several calls every day complaining about these smells. But when you replace those old covers with composite ones, those smells stay inside where they belong. This is a great way to improve the environment of your city and keep your residents happy at the same time.

4. They last for many years: Unlike cast iron covers that rust and rot, composite covers hold up against the elements and last for many years. This will help reduce your overall cost by saving on replacement cost, shipping, and labor.

5. Composite covers are traffic rated: These new covers meet and exceeded the traffic standards set by the federal government which means that they will handle the stress of traffic better. This is an added plus that will also help them last longer than traditional covers. Depending on your traffic load, these covers will hold up for many years and in some cases decades.

It’s Time to Make the Switch Today

Do you want to save on your yearly budget? Do you want to help protect the health of your employees by reducing the dangerous of heavy lifting? If so, then you should start thinking about investing in composite manhole covers today. These new covers will save you both time and money. Because they last many years longer than traditional cast iron covers, you won’t have to worry about replacing them for many years to come. If you have a new project in the works, composite covers can save you big money. So why not take the time to make the switch today? You will be glad that you did!

Frequently asked questions

Is the cover manufactured in the USA?

No. Designed in Texas. Made in China

Does it come with a warranty or any guarantee?

Yes, 5 years. No hassle

Is the cover HS-25 rated?

Yes. Tested and proven

Is the cover kept secure to the frame with a bolt or
locking system?

Yes. 4 X 316 SS Bolts

How does the SuperCoverTM SSO Series reduce sanitary sewer overflows?

It eliminates water going in and stops sewage water from gushing out

Does the unit prevent infiltration & exfiltration?

Yes, by means of gaskets and bolts


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