Composite Manhole Rings and Covers

Sewper FRP composite manhole covers and rings are a lightweight but very durable and strong alternative to traditional manhole covers. They are easier and often safer to remove than regular manhole covers. They are a great choice for drainage networks, sewage systems, water treatment plants, and other facilities where regular access to sewage systems is needed. FRP composite manhole covers offer several benefits and unique advantages that will be discussed in this article, and they are virtually maintenance free. They can be used for heavy duty applications and in a wide range of different environments, and they are a versatile and increasingly popular choice for manhole covers.


They Offer High Strength and Resistance to Most Chemicals

FRP composite manhole covers are resistance to most chemicals include many acids, bases, and other chemicals. They do not crack or corrode over time, which is a particular advantage in areas that have a lot of moisture or corrosion. They are both odor tight and water tight when they are sealed, and they are thermoresistant. Because they are so light, lifting injuries are very rare. Traditional manhole covers are heavy and made out of concrete or cast iron, which makes them very heavy and often dangerous to move.

They Offer an Excellent Strength to Weight Ratio

Although traditional manhole covers are very strong, they are incredibly heavy, and in some areas they are prohibited due to their weight. They are difficult to manually maneuver, and in areas where they need to be moved regularly they can become a hazard. FRP composite manhole covers offer an excellent strength to weight ratio and have become popular in Europe where manhole theft is more common and legislation often limits the maximize weight of manually handled materials. FRP composite manholes are not stolen very much because they have limited if any scrap value.

They are Non-Conductive

Because they are non-conductive, they also are safer in that regard. For example, a person in New York City was electrocuted when she stepped on a manhole cover in 2004. This would not occur if the cover was composed of FRP composite because they are non-metallic and non-conductive. The covers can also be locked down in place when needed. They are very versatile and can fit into many situations where traditional manhole covers are not practical or not as effective, and their use is increasing in many geographies around the world where they are better suited to a particular application.

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