Heavy Duty Replacement Manhole Covers

Well-functioning sewer systems are essential to any municipal area. But many elements, such as natural gases and corrosion, can pose a threat to sewer systems. Typically, that’s where manhole covers come in. However, common ironcast manhole covers are subject to erosion and degradation when faced with the brunt of trapped gases such as hydrogen sulfide, and when that happens, you’re going to need replacement manhole covers that are durable and built to last.


Sewper Cover’s heavy duty manhole covers are state-of-the-art manhole technology, crafted with corrosion-resistant composite materials that are able to effectively withstand the test of time and resist water, corrosion, and degradation. This also makes Sewper Cover perfect for replacement manhole covers.

So what’s so special about the materials Sewper Cover uses for our heavy duty manhole covers? The difference is the FRP/Composit. FRP stands for fiber reinforced plastic, and is a composite that is made from a polymer matrix.

While there are a multitude of applications for FRP composite materials, its properties make it perfect for manhole covers. As we all know, plastics take a great deal of time to decompose, up to 500 to 1000 years, in fact. This durability gives FRP composite materials the ability to withstand the elements that manhole covers endure over time.

FRP Composite Sewper manhole covers are not only durable but lightweight, making them the perfect alternative to traditionally made manhole covers. Whether it be for drainage networks, sewage systems, municipal sewer systems, or water treatment plants, Sewper manhole covers offer a great deal of resistance to majority of chemicals, and will not crack, corrode, or degrade ovr time.

Additionally, composite manhole covers are safe. Due to their lightweight design, it is easy to move them without risking injury.

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