What is a SEWPER COVER™ and Why is it Unique?

SewperCoverPageColumnONEThe SEWPER COVER™ is a Heavy Duty FRP composite manhole cover that is engineered to remove ALL negative aspects of cast iron, such as:

  • Corrosion/Seizing
  • Weight for Safer Handling
  • Scrap Metal Theft
  • Infiltration/Odor Seal

When opening and installing heaving cast iron products it is both extremely rigorous and dangerous to employees, which greatly increase the risk for injury. Safety is and has become a very important to owner who want to protect their employees as well as better manage daily operational risks, thus making the SEWPER COVER™ the preferred option.

SEWPER COVER™s are used for Municipal Sewers& Storm Water manhole applications, underground cable/electrical vaults, and/or structure requiring a secure access point for human entry.


SEWPER COVER™ comes in the two most common standard sizes 24” and 30” clear opening which accommodates 95% of what’s used or required new and/or existing construction today. These are the most common sizes and we mass produce them to lower the cost as much as possible. OSHA has adopted a 30” clear opening for human entry confined spaces and State agencies are slowly integrating that into design requirements. We meet this requirement and are fully compliant.


Manhole ring and cover is made of non-metallic composite materials capable of withstanding traffic loading requirements that meet or exceed HS-20 rating. Cover is affixed ring using a double hinge capable of 180 degree opening. A rubber gasket seal is embedded into the ring so that it provides a means of preventing inflow.

SewperCoverPageColumn__TWOTest and Strength:

Multiple SEWPER COVER™ units have been tested by an independent third party and signed off by a US registered licensed Professional Engineer. The US Department of Transportation requires gratings and manhole covers to be tested for load rating under AASHTO M-306, in order to be classified H/HS-20 Heavy Duty product must withstand 16,000 lbs. for 60 seconds without cracking or breaking. A 2.5 times safety factor is required which brings the total proof load to 40,000 lbs.


The SEWPER COVER™ was able to average 130,000 lbs. total force before failure. That’s 90,000 lbs. over the requirements for Heavy Duty/HS-20 rating.

*Full test reports available upon request.

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