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If your City's sewer system is cracking under the pressure, you need SuperCover. Our composite manhole covers are vastly superior to traditional iron manhole covers, which is why they’ve already been adopted by municipalities across Texas and across the nation. To discover what your wastewater infrastructure has been missing, view our SuperCover products or contact us today!

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At SuperCover, we’re committed to one thing: making the best manhole covers on the market. This includes our new, non-hinged SSO series of products, which features our 24” and 30” manhole covers. These revolutionary manhole covers and frames are designed to prevent SSO (sanitary sewage overflow) and I&I (infiltration and inflow) better than traditional covers. Even more impressive, they have none of the drawbacks that those outdated options do. Check out our products and their specs to learn more, then get in touch to discover how you can install them in your town!

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SuperCover’s  Features

  • Bolted Safety Dish

  • HS-25 Traffic Rated

  • Double Gasketed

  • No scrap Value

  • Anti-corrosive

  • Alignment Tabs

  • 5-year warranty

  • And more!

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Department of Transportation approved

SuperCover has been approved and tested by multiple third-party organizations to verify their capabilities and quality. These organizations include:

  • Texas Department of Transportation (TXDoT)

  • Louisiana Tech University’s Trenchless Technology Center

  • Metallurgical Engineering Services, Inc.

Notable Clients

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Upgrade Your Sewer System

Upgrading your city's sewer system with SuperCover is a great way to improve public safety and convenience while reducing long-term water treatment costs. contact us online or call us at (956) 264-5188.

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