• SuperCover is the solution to infiltration and inflow (I&I) of sanitary sewer overflow; designed by sanitary sewer overflow professionals.

  • SuperCover is a non-metallic, fiber reinforced composite manhole cover; capable of withstanding traffic loading requirements that meet or exceed HS-20 & HS-25 rating at an economical value for all municipal budgets and projects.

  • SuperCover has been tried and tested through third party lab testing, university evaluation, and approved by TXDOT. *not an endorsement*

  • SuperCover is designed and distributed in Texas for the Lone Star State quality and durability. SuperCover has been implemented in cities and municipalities across Texas.

What are SSO's and I&I's (Sanitary Sewer Overflow) (Infiltration & Inflow)

  • I&I is the infiltration and inflow of excess water that enters wastewater pipes from above and below ground water.

  • Infiltration with respect to manhole covers is ground water that enters the system through defects in cast iron covers such as corrosion and pick holes.

  • Inflow is surface-water that enters wastewater systems from above ground through defects in a manhole and manhole cover.

  • I&I causes water treatment facilities to become less efficient in their water treatment process resulting in more man power and equipment overhead.

  • Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) via manhole covers in a given municipal sanitary sewer, occur when raw untreated sewage exits the system through defects in cast iron manhole covers.


  • SuperCover’s construction is comprised of two gaskets, one gasket sealing the cover to the manhole; and one gasket that seals the SureSeal insert dish to the frame of the manhole cover.

  • SuperCover is compatible with an insert dish; SureSeal inner dish is the fortification against I&I by providing an added barrier between I&I entries and the manhole.

  • SuperCover is the only composite manhole cover compatible with the SureSeal inner dish for maximum I&I prevention in the industry

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SuperCover ™

composite manhole frame & covers were inspired by challenges faced throughout Texas municipalities.