4 Signs Your Manhole Covers Should Be Replaced

Manhole covers are an essential component of sewer drain systems, designed to provide easy access while ensuring public safety and environmental protection. Over time, manhole covers can become worn out and ineffective, making them a significant hazard that can affect the public and the environment. Replacing worn-out manhole covers is essential to prevent injuries and ensure that your sewer system functions correctly. At SuperCover, we want to help you avoid such situations. In this article, we will discuss four signs your manhole covers should be replaced.

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Visible Damage

Visible damage such as dents, cracks, and chips can indicate that your manhole covers are reaching their end of life. If you observe visible damage on your manhole covers, it's crucial to replace them before an accident occurs. Visible damage often makes walking or driving on them a hazard and, if left unchecked, can lead to broken bones, vehicle damage, or other injuries.


Unstable Covers

If your manhole covers shift slightly or move when trafficked, it can indicate that they are unstable and in need of replacement. Over time, covers can become unstable as a result of wear and tear on the frame or other structural components, making them unsafe and posing a risk to the public and the environment.


Loose or Rusty Fasteners

Loose or rusty fasteners can make manhole covers unstable and unsafe. Corroded fasteners can weaken the cover, leading to a potentially dangerous situation. If the fasteners are loose, the cover could move or even be dislodged, posing a risk to both individuals and the infrastructure.


Age of Cover

The age of the manhole covers is also a crucial indicator of whether they should be replaced. Typically, covers last for around 20-30 years before needing replacement. If your manhole covers have been in use for that length of time, you may want to consider replacing them.

Manhole covers play a critical role in ensuring public safety and environmental protection. It's essential to be vigilant and recognize when your manhole covers are no longer effective. The signs that they need to be replaced include visible damage, unstable covers, loose or rusty fasteners, and the age of the cover. At SuperCover, we manufacture high-quality manhole covers and frames that are made from the finest materials, ensuring their durability and reliability. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you keep your sewer system safe and secure.

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