How SuperCover Manhole Covers Can Benefit Your Town

Manhole covers and frames are essential components of any municipality’s wastewater infrastructure, ensuring the safety and functionality of underground systems. However, traditional metal manhole covers often come with a host of problems that can be costly and time-consuming for Texas governments and cities nationwide to address. This is where SuperCover comes in.

SuperCover specializes in producing composite manhole covers designed to solve the most common problems that wastewater municipalities face every single day. Our innovative sewer covers are not only designed in Texas but can also be used virtually anywhere. Discover how our composite manhole covers can benefit your town right now!


Modern Design Ensures Longevity

Our SuperCover composite sewer covers are packed with innovative features such as anti-rotating mechanisms, aligning guides, and a bolted-down inflow dish. These features help improve the overall functionality and longevity of the composite manhole cover, reducing the need for frequent replacements; this ultimately helps save your local government money.


SureSeal™ Protection to Prevent Excess Water

SuperCover's manhole covers come with SureSeal™ protection, which helps prevent infiltration and inflow (I&I) issues. This translates to better management of wastewater; our composite manhole covers prevent groundwater and stormwater from leaking into the sewer system which can cause long-term issues.


Composite Materials Deter Theft & Save Money

Traditional metal manhole covers often become targets for thieves due to their scrap metal value. But SuperCover's sewer covers are made of composite materials and have no scrap metal value, greatly reducing the risk of theft and saving municipalities money in replacement costs. We’ll help you put money and resources toward other projects — and not replacing manhole covers.


Improves Quality of Life for Citizens

By choosing our SuperCover manhole covers, municipalities in Texas and beyond can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their wastewater management operations. With features like odor-eliminating and self-extinguishing properties, these covers address the concerns of the wastewater industry specialists who created them and ensure the general public doesn't notice their sewer system at all.

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By investing in our SuperCover composite manhole covers, municipalities can ensure the safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of their wastewater infrastructure. Learn more about how our innovative sewer cover design can benefit your local government by scheduling a free demo!

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